David Jilesen

Strategic Purchaser

I am a strategic purchaser for the maritime division within Alewijnse, and I have been in this role for 10 years now. I knew Joerie and Roland before they started Dutch IT Supplier. When they decided to establish their own company using their knowledge of IT and the maritime sector, we followed them. Based on the existing relationship, we had full confidence in their abilities.

Alewijnse is a system integrator operating in the maritime and industrial sectors. Customers can rely on us for a comprehensive package of electrical installation, system integration, and automation of systems for power generation and distribution, propulsion, navigation and communication, audio/video, IT, entertainment, lighting, and security. Our focus lies in the maritime sector, particularly in shipbuilding. Within this sector, we work in three segments: DOT (Dredging, Offshore, and Transport), marine, and yachts. Yachts are our largest segment among the three, and we specifically target yachts ranging from 60 to 140 meters.

Competition within the yacht industry is intense. It doesn’t matter where in the world a yacht is built. If the price is too high and, for example, Italy is cheaper, the project will go there. Therefore, it is important for us to maintain tight profit margins. Dutch IT Supplier understands our needs in this regard and always collaborates closely with us to find the best possible solutions. The right price is definitely one of the key factors in choosing a supplier for us.

Moreover, Dutch IT Supplier offers us much more. Particularly, the team’s level of knowledge is invaluable. While our engineers can indicate the type of products required for a project, Dutch IT Supplier possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise at the product level, allowing them to provide us with advice on the best solutions. In this way, they also keep us sharp and updated on innovations.

We experience the collaboration with the team as highly pleasant. We don’t constantly interact, but we always know who to approach when needed. Our teams have open communication, enabling an engineer to directly answer technical questions from Dutch IT Supplier and vice versa. That’s what true collaboration and partnership mean to us.