Danny Schouten

Manager Sales en Technologie, Eekels

“Dutch IT Supplier stands out from other vendors due to their personalized approach, promptness, and responsiveness. A simple phone call is all it takes to get things sorted out.”

Having worked at Eekels for seven years, I have known Roland and Joerie since my very first day here. When they decided to establish Dutch IT Supplier, we jumped at the opportunity to join them.

Eekels has been operating in the maritime and offshore industry for over a century, offering maintenance and service work in technical automation, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Our primary focus is on an IT system that can be seamlessly integrated with an AV
system, allowing customers to connect their phones or laptops, among other things. Every piece of equipment on a ship must be connected to this IT network, including AV systems (Audio Video), multimedia systems, and CCTV cameras.

We believe that a supplier must strike a balance between offering competitive prices and delivering high-quality products. Our clientele is incredibly diverse, Dutch IT Supplier understands the importance of meeting different customer requirements and offering a comprehensive range of products. Depending on the customer’s preference, they are always able to advice on the perfect fit. The strength of Dutch IT Supplier, in my opinion, lies in the knowledge within the company that enables them to manage these kinds of matters effectively.

Our communication with Dutch IT Supplier has always been efficient and effective, with short turnaround times and prompt responses. It is evident that we have a longstanding partnership and are making significant steps forward together.